cream of tartar substitute

Cream of Tartar Substitute and More

When a lay hears the name “cream of tartar,” the first thing that will come into his mind is a dipping sauce for fish. But to those who work beside an oven every day, it is white crystalline, odorless powder that is staple in the kitchen. So don’t confuse the cream of tartar from the […]

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chicken thigh recipe

Fried Chicken Thigh With Tomato And Cheese

Time spent : 20 minutes569 KcalINGREDIENTS (FOR 2 SERVINGS)2 slides Chicken thighs (small)1/2 OnionHerb salt as needed2 teaspoon Olive oil260g Tomato sauce40~50g Cheese (for pizza)2 tablespoon BreadscrumbDried parsley as neededINSTRUCTIONSStep 1 : Slice onion thinly.Remove fat from chicken thigh, cut into small pieces easy to eat then mix wit herb salt. Step 2 : Pour olive oil […]

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substitute for lemon juice

Your Substitute for Lemon Juice for Any Recipe

Are you thinking about making some apple pie, cooking up some chicken, or making a delicious lemon cake? Whether it is used to add flavor, denature protein, or prevent oxidation, lemon juice can help you out.Lemon juice is definitely a staple you’d want to have handy in your kitchen. It’s very versatile, and almost universally […]

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sole fish recipe

Fried Sole With Ponzu Sauce And Butter

There are over 40 different kinds of flatfish in Japan. Sole (flatfish) are flat (of course) and have both eyes on the upper side. They can be called Karei (カレイ・鰈) or Hirame (ヒラメ), and a delicious ingredient for Japanese recipes. Today, I would like to introduce a sole fish recipe with ponzu sauce(ポン酢) of grated radish […]

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calories in chicken

[Infographic] Calories in chicken

Calories in chicken showdown – Kcal per 100g. Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0

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fried shrimp

Fried Shrimp With Egg

An easy and perfect combination of fried shrimp and egg, flavored with garlic.Time spent : 15 minutes247 KcalINGREDIENTS (FOR 2 SERVINGS)5 shrimpsSalt as needed1.5 tablespoons Olive oil1 Garlic glove (chopped)Ketchup as needed<For egg mixture>2 Eggs (beaten)2 tablespoons Milk1 tablespoon Cheese (powder)1/2 tablespoon SugarSalt as neededDry pasley as neededINSTRUCTIONSStep 1 : Remove the shell and the dirt […]

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steak salad

Beef Steak Salad With Lemon Flavor In 5 Minutes

Beef steak salad with freshing lemon sauce only takes you 5 minutes to prepare.Time spent : 5 minutesINGREDIENTS (FOR 2 SERVINGS)200-300g Beef (for steak)1/2 Teaspoon SaltBlack pepper as needed1/2 Stalk Celery2 Bags Baby leaf1 tablespoon Olive oil1 tablespoon Lemon juice1 Teaspoon HoneySalt and pepper as neededINSTRUCTIONSStep 1 : Cut beef into pieces that are easy to […]

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jamba juice secret menu

White Gummy Jamba Juice Secret Menu

If you love smoothies, you’ve probably had some from Jamba Juice. Their extensive menu contains a great selection of smoothies, juices, and energy bowls that please all kinds of tastes. They have a lot of vegetables and fruits on their menu, of course; aside from that, they have flavors that’ll please customers who prefer chocolate, […]

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how long does hummus last

How Long Does Hummus Last ?

QuestionI’ve just discovered how much I love the taste of hummus. I would like to have some stored at home, just in case. How long of a shelf life does hummus have?AnswerThe quickest answer would be that it depends on how the hummus was made.Type of hummusShelf life (refrigerated)Shelf life (frozen)Store-boughtOne month; check “Best Before” […]

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fried chicken

Fried Chicken With Lemon Butter Sauce

Try another combination of fried chicken thigh and lemon butter sauce.Time spent : 25 minutes467 KcalINGREDIENTS (FOR 2 SERVINGS)1 Big Chicken Thigh2 Teaspoons Wheat Flour4 Broccoli Florets4 Cherry TomatoesSalt Pepper as neededOlive Oil as needed<For lemon butter sauce>1 Tablespoons Lemon juice20g ButterINSTRUCTIONSPreparation :Remove fat from chicken thigh, then cut in half. (do not remove the […]

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