potato chips

Crispy Potato Chips

You can not find any easier recipe of snack than this crispy potato chips.

Time spent : 20 minutes

Cost : $1 ~ $2


2 Potatoes
Cooking oil
★2 teaspoons Chili sauce
★3 tablespoons Ketchup


Step 1 : Preparation
  Peel off potatoes.
  Slide potatoes thinly by a slicer.
  Wash for several times then drain well.
  Mix Ingredients★ to make chili sauce.
potato chips
Step 2
Pour cooking oil in frying pan at 3-4 cm depth.
Fry potatoes at medium heat (160°C) until golden brown.
potato chips
Complete :

potato chips

Tips : Serve with chili sauce.

About the Author Hong Quy

Born in Hanoi, can speak English and Japanese fluently. Become interested in cooking after married, and love to share easy Japanese recipes with anyone has the same interest.

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