fried okra

Fried Okra Bacon Recipe

Or you can call this Okra tempura. Maybe, some people don’t like okra because it’s slimy and its thin layer makes it difficult to eat. But I am sure, if you know how to prepare it right, you will definitely find how delicious it is. Let’s try a simple recipe of Okra.

Time spent : 15 mins

Cost : $5


8 Okra
4 Slides bacon
★1/3 cup wheat flour
★50ml water
Bread crumbs
Cooking oil
Sauce (if you like)


  • To remove the thin layer of Okra, you place them on a cutting board. Sprinkle a little salt then use your palm to roll (rub) Okra to remove the layer. After that, wash Okra again and drain it well.
  • Cut bacon in half.
  • Mix Ingredients ★ to make tempura batter (coating).
Step 1 : Roll bacon over okra, and stab the end with a toothpick not to loose. Dip okra into the tempura batter above one by one. And, dip once again in bread crumbs.
fried okra
Step 2 : Prepare a frying pan, pour cooking oil at 2-3 cm and boil. Fry okra at 180 degrees until the color turns golden brown.
fried okra
Step 3 : Remove the toothpick, drain on a paper towel for a few seconds then diagonally cut okra in half. Serve with sauce as you like.
fried okra
  • I don’t add egg in tempura batter this time to make the taste lighter, but you can plus egg if you like.
  • While frying, okra can stick together, do not try to separate them because you can make the batter mess up. After fried well, you will separate easily.

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Born in Hanoi, can speak English and Japanese fluently. Become interested in cooking after married, and love to share easy Japanese recipes with anyone has the same interest.

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