okra and tomatoes

Okra And Tomato Salad Recipe

Okra and tomato can be a good combination to create an easy and fresh salad. Check out the recipe today.

Time spent : 20 mins

Cost : $5


4 fresh okra
6 cherry tomato
½ tablespoon ponzu soy sauce
Bonito flakes


Step 1 : To remove the thin layer of okra, you place them on a cutting board. Sprinkle a little salt then use your palm to roll (rub) Okra to remove the layer. After that, wash okra again and drain it well.
Cut okra 2 cms.
Cut cherry tomato in half.
okra and tomato
Step 2 : Use a bowl. Add okra, cherry tomato, bonito flakes, ponzu soy sauce and mix.
okra and tomato
Step 3 : Put in refrigerator for about 15 minutes and serve in plate.
okra and tomato

About the Author Hong Quy

Born in Hanoi, can speak English and Japanese fluently. Become interested in cooking after married, and love to share easy Japanese recipes with anyone has the same interest.

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