prawn stir fry

Stir-fried Shrimp And Chinese Cabbage Recipe

Today I present to you guys a basic dish in almost every Asian family : (Shrimp) Prawn stir fry and cabbage.

Time spent : 15 mins

Cost : $5


350g Chinese cabbage
80g pork
1/3-1/2 bag of bread crumbs
100g shelled shrimp
30g carrot
1 green bell pepper
60g onion
1 teaspoon minced ginger
★100cc water
★2 teaspoon chicken stock (ガラスープ) or Chicken bouillion or Chicken base (if you are not in Japan)
★1 tablespoon cooking wine
★1 teaspoon Shoyu (soy sauce)
★A little salt – pepper
★1 teaspoon Oyster sauce
Salad oil- sesame oil

1 teaspoon Potato starch (片栗粉)


Step 1 :
Peel off shrimp shell, then steam quickly (to remove smell).
Cut green bell pepper into bite-sized pieces like picture.
Slice carrot thinly.
Slide onion lengthwise.
prawn stir fry
Step 2 : Cut Chinese cabbage into 4-5cm pieces. Cut pork meat into bite-sized pieces.
prawn stir fry
Step 3 : Pour salad oil in frying pan. Add pork meat of Step 2 and minced ginger, then stir well for 2-3 minutes.
prawn stir fry
Step 4 : Add carrot and onion of Step 1. Stir until the color of onion becomes a little bit transparent then stop.
prawn stir fry
Step 5 : Add Chinese cabbage (in order of stem→leaves), green bell peppers.
prawn stir fry
Step 6 : Add ★ ingredients and stir well until the vegetables turn wilted.
prawn stir fry
Step 7 : Add shrimps, stir until drain then add Potato starch little by little.
Finally, add sesame oil to finish.
prawn stir fry
Complete :
prawn stir fry

About the Author Hong Quy

Born in Hanoi, can speak English and Japanese fluently. Become interested in cooking after married, and love to share easy Japanese recipes with anyone has the same interest.

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