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White Gummy Jamba Juice Secret Menu

If you love smoothies, you’ve probably had some from Jamba Juice. Their extensive menu contains a great selection of smoothies, juices, and energy bowls that please all kinds of tastes. They have a lot of vegetables and fruits on their menu, of course; aside from that, they have flavors that’ll please customers who prefer chocolate, peanut butter, and even matcha.

Even if it’ll take you weeks to try each and every flavor on their regular menu, you’ll be pleased to know that you can veer off the familiar choices. Did you know that Jamba Juice has a secret menu? They have several unique choices that will excite your taste buds and have you coming back to Jamba Juice again.

White Gummy is one of the most popular items on the Jamba Juice secret menu. Customers who love the taste of these candy treats definitely have to try this drink, one of the most popularly requested.

This smoothie is perfect for those who are looking for dessert in liquid form, as it’s very sweet. It’s also a good choice for customers who, aside from liking the taste of white gummy, also enjoy the taste of peach. This is what separates the White Gummy Jamba Juice smoothie from other gummy bear secret menu smoothies at Jamba Juice.

Are you wondering what ingredients compose the White Gummy Jamba Juice smoothie, apart from peach juice? To make the smoothie, you’ll have to put in some soy milk, strawberries, and four different scoops of sherbet.

If you want to order this at your nearest Jamba Juice store, you can ask them directly if they know how to make the White Gummy smoothie. If yes, then you’re in luck: order, sit tight, and wait. If not, you can show them the list of ingredients listed below:

White Gummy Jamba Juice Smoothie

Soy Milk
Peach Juice
Orange Sorbet
Lime Sherbet
Raspberry Sherbet
Pineapple Sherbet

*Once scoop of each sherbet flavor

Are you craving some White Gummy Jamba Juice smoothie, but aren’t anywhere near a store? You can always try to create your own smoothie at home, using the ingredients listed above.

As mentioned above, there are some other gummy bear smoothies available on Jamba Juice’s secret menu. If you prefer sour gummy bears, or a red gummy bear flavor, you may want to order those instead of the White Gummy smoothie; if you’re interested in all three, it’s simple to make return trips to Jamba Juice too!

While the White Gummy Jamba Juice smoothie is delicious, remember that it may not be the right choice if you’re trying to cut back on your sugar as it’s mostly made of sherbet. You may be better off with some of their other menu offerings in that case. Aside from that, we hope you enjoy your White Gummy Jamba Juice smoothie!

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